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Surveillance Solutions


Our surveillance solution assist in the protection of territorial waters, coastlines, and maritime borders, by tracking targets at ranges that surpasses the IALA requirements. Introducing versatile and modular sensor expertise, ensuring compliance with application requirements and customer specifications comprising of advanced signal processing and high-performance antennas specifically tailored for small target detection in rough weather conditions with minimum to zero downtime risk.

Surveillance Solutions Products

Process & Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

The real time process flow control systems used in the storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquid from shore to ship and vice versa. Capable of training for full range of situations from routine operations to emergencies with catastrophic possibility.

Crane & Fishing Simulators

The Crane Simulators provide a realistic reproduction of the visual, behavioral, and operational of various crane types while making the operation of the simulator extremely simple and intuitive for trainees and instructors.

Offshore Simulators

Our Offshore simulator Suite is a group of simulator products that cater to the particular challenges of training, competency assessment and skills development in the offshore energy industry. The Offshore products can be deployed to fulfil a variety of roles including induction training, skills development, competency assessment, operator screening, orientation, mission rehearsal, operational resource management, emergencies, and crisis management.

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Delivering maritime solutions that remove the boundaries between ship and shore, helping our customers benefit from more efficient, cleaner and safer practices.

MOORiNET is a Berthing Aid System that simplifies mooring operations and significantly improves safety during the port entrance for any ship size, preventing accidents at seaports.

The range offers variants designed for a wide range of marine and offshore applications –from generator control and protection to engineered power management solutions developed for generators, battery energy storage, shore connections, and bus tie breakers.

High elasticity and Lightweight Quality – Manufactured with closed-cell polyethylene solid foam sheet (no water absorption)

HWID SERIES has been specially designed & manufactured for detecting the presence of water in cargo holds and closed dry or void spaces, in conformity with SOLAS regulation XII/ 12 rule requirements.

KDU’s R&D team presents a complete set of customized BWTS retrofit solution for all ship owners: A state-of-the-art supply, dedicated to accommodate the power demand management of your Ballast Water Treatment System!

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